I decided to give Ryan Setchel who is an inspiring makeup artist a call to chat about colorism in the makeup industry. At first, she told me a story about watching models on television, who is darker than I am. She said that all those models wore foundation shades that were too light for them because the cosmetic lines didn’t carry a shade dark enough for her. A lot of makeup industries are now noticing to add more shades for society. She also added “ I think people are recognizing it as more of a problem now/ it’s being brought to more people’s attention who wouldn’t know it’s a thing (white people) because beauty bloggers are talking about brands who are being good like Fenty and Beauty Bakerie and that’s a good thing because it’s being addressed by the beauty community.” Now Rihanna as come out with Fenty beauty products, the foundations having so many different shades. Ryan Setchel also added, “When Tarte shape tape foundation came out and the shade range was trash nobody bought it which is really cool because boycotting products like that can create actual change maybe.”

Below is a video of Rihanna discussing all woman should feel beautiful regardless of his/her skin tone.

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